What it really takes to quit smoking

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

If you are a social smoker, or haven't smoked for a long time, it may not take long to quit. All you need is your will and understanding how important your health is .

But if you have smoked for a long time, smoking is not just a bad habit - it is an addiction.

Don't believe into "miracle" services that will take your addiction away instantaneously - only you yourself can do it once and for all by using the strongest engine you possess - your brain.

Quitting takes as long as your mind needs to get ready to reject the cigarette with all the poison you are inhaling: days for some, weeks or months for others. You don't want to suffer through withdrawals and then start it over and over again.

#Prepare yourself mentally and psychologically to quit by fully comprehending what you are doing and why. Sign up for my free motivation newsletter from the home page of this blog. Don't rely on anecdotal methods - nobody can hypnotize or mesmerize your brain into taking decisions, YOU are the only one who can change you mindset.

#Try meditation and auto training sessions to ease yourself through the process. Simple meditation session is just taking convenient pose usually sitting straight, achieve maximum relaxation by taking your thoughts away from reality and concentrating on things like your own breath. Let relaxing music play in the background to help you clean your mind of anxiety and just make your mind recharge.

#Autotraining is a simple method you can use to further program your brain for an addiction-free life. The simple way to do it is just repeat the same phrase with your inner voice till it becomes part of your thinking process. "I don't want to poison myself anymore". "I feel so good when I don't smoke." "I am healthy, and I want to keep it this way". Concentrate on positive things that smoke-free life is now giving you. If you have kids, be happy that they will not grow up with the cigarette in their mouth - you are setting them a good example. Keep thinking about good things that addiction-free life brings, and it will come true.

#Adjust your environment for a new life you are going to have. Clean your house to make sure the air is fresh, and there is no second-hand tobacco. Readjust the places you used to smoke at, get rid of ash trays and other reminders of your former "sins".

#Get all support you need. Support yourself by brushing your teeth more often, taking walks or other distractive activity. The longer you stay away from smoking, the more you get used to it. Avoid stress or any other triggers.

There is no time to wait: each day not only brings destruction to your health, it supports the industries that benefit from your misery. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, how much is it per year? What about 10- 20 years of smoking? Tens thousand dollars thrown into the pockets of poison producers and taken from you and your family. And this is all peanuts compared to what medical institutions are making - check the prices for chemo, or other lung emphysema treatment.

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