Strong men's true face

Updated: Mar 19

Authoritarian regime is very easy to fall into and almost impossible to get rid of.

Everything is happening for a reason - the ongoing war in Ukraine has lightened up the darkness in which democracy may have been starting to die and showed a really ugly face of its alternative.

Strong men come to power with lies and keep their power with violence, - there is no other model.

It always happens the same way

Vladimir Putin came to power amid violence he himself created and has ruled for over 20 years with lies and false promises. He promised to "make Russia great again" by developing all kind of industries and institutions, but wound-up creating heaven for himself and those around, while most of the deep Russia is still heating stoves with wood from the forest in the most gas-rich country in the world.

The "yes-men" style of Governing creates an inefficient, unprofessional Governments unfit for the 21 century challenges.

Putin has been making huge investments into his supposedly modern army that is now falling apart in Ukraine. Even his military strength appeared a lie, committing war crimes appears his master strategy now.

While the Russian authoritarian regime is busy ruining its own country, it also sends a message to everybody: beware of strong men's ugly faces, always hidden under smooth talk at rallies and supported by corrupt politicians.

Dictators love rallies and crowds.

Rally as a format for political discussion is not used in civilized world anymore. It has always been dictators' tool of brain washing.

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